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Children’s treatments

At La Retraite Jersey Dental Care we firmly believe in preventative dental care, and that starts from an early age. With hints and tips on basic brushing techniques, through to non-invasive prevention and safe, gentle, and non-frightening procedures, we want you to rest assured that your little one’s teeth are in safe hands!


We respect you as an individual. As experts in advanced restorative dentistry, we use non-invasive methods wherever possible, supported by the latest equipment in which we have invested, making La Retraite Jersey Dental Care one of the leading practices in the Channel Islands.

From your initial consultation, through to treatment and aftercare, we are here to support and care for you, and your family.

La Retraite Jersey Dental Care

The importance of oral health for children

Regular check-ups from a young age will guard against untreated dental decay, which can result in pain and suffering, as well as long-term detrimental effects on the condition of their teeth as children get older.

As well as treating problems with children’s teeth, our focus is most definitely on prevention. We want to instill the importance of a regular, daily dental cleaning routine – with regular brushing and flossing and perhaps fluoride applications or ‘fissure sealants’ to prevent decay. Regular check-ups will also help us to identify early signs of developing under, over, or crossbites – which can lead to problems.

We also want children to have a positive experience with us at La Retraite Jersey Dental Care, which will give them confidence when visiting a dentist independently later on in life.

So call us today to make an appointment for your child.

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Happy Patients

“The best Birthday present from my Mum ever. Thank you for being gentle, I love my new front teeth!
I haven’t stopped smiling at everyone.”

“Peter and his team have made my dental visits much less stressful for me. Their procedures and professionalism ensure I have a more relaxed attitude when I need treatment.”

“Dear Derik, My thanks to you and your team for great dental care and also for your kindness to me.
I appreciate it very much!”

“I have always been afraid of the Dentist’s chair, however under the care of Peter and his team I feel so much more relaxed. Peter takes the time to explain to me exactly what he is about to do and allows me time to calm down and compose myself if I become nervous during the treatment.

He always ensures my comfort by allowing the treatment to progress at my pace. Both Peter and this nursing staff are always friendly and chatty making my visits to the dentist, as a nervous patient, far more bearable.”

“Just a note to thank you for your professional and caring service during my recent surgery.”

“Thank you so much for all your hard work, you really are a credit to your profession and each other.
Great Team. Thank you.”

“Many thanks for doing the composite restoration so promptly. I am grateful for your care and skill over the years. Good wishes.”

Mouth guards for sport

As the amount of organised sports available to young people increases and we are all actively encouraged to maintain fit and healthy lifestyles that include exercise, so, unfortunately, the risk of injury increases.

There are several types of mouth guards available, and a mouth guard can be one of the best investments for your child’s long term dental care and security.

Call us today to discuss the options.

Fissure sealants

Tooth decay is becoming increasingly common in children and one of the best ways of keeping your children’s teeth in good condition is with fissure sealants.

Thin, plastic coatings are ‘painted’ onto the biting surfaces of your child’s teeth to prevent any food or bacteria from getting stuck in the grooves and crevices on the tops of their teeth. This helps to stop plaque and tartar buildup, which can lead to tooth decay.

The procedure is painless and straightforward – after the teeth are cleaned the sealants take literally minutes per tooth to put on. A curing light is shone on each tooth to set the solution in place. They will last for several years but some can, through wear, need replacing,

Fissure sealants can be done by our expert dental hygienist, so why not make a regular date to pop in to see us, as part of your child’s dental care routine, so we can keep an eye on the sealants, and your child’s general dental health, for you.


Dental braces are used to treat the misalignment of your child’s teeth. Usually, treatment begins once a child has lost most of their baby (primary) teeth and the majority of the adult (permanent) teeth have grown into place.

Unlike former techniques, there are a number of innovative products and solutions available today that are non-invasive and are more sensitive to the visual impact on a young person.

They may serve a crucially important purpose for the remainder of the child’s adult life, but braces can be daunting to a young person presented with this prospect. We will use our experience and compassion to work with your child to make the right choices for the long term.

Call us today to discuss your options.

Extracting deciduous (baby) teeth

Extracting teeth at any age is not a decision you or your dentist/hygienist will take lightly, but there may be some instances where removing baby teeth is necessary or advisable.

A severe fracture due to trauma may well require extraction; as will a tooth that is not restorable and is causing infection and pain.

As children get older, baby teeth may also interfere with the emergence of permanent adult teeth as they simply don’t fall out naturally by the time the adult tooth is ready to appear.

We understand that the thought of having teeth removed may be upsetting for children, as well as for their parents; so we take particular care to comfort and reassure you all through the process.

Our highly advanced anesthetic techniques also mean that we try and make injections for your little ones that are the least invasive and as pain-free as possible.


“We offer the very highest standards in routine and cosmetic dentistry, from a simple check-up to full cosmetic makeover.” Dr Derik Mare
BChD (Pretoria)


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