giving back

Through links already established with local charity Mustard Seed Jersey, La Retraite Jersey Dental Care has initiated an exciting new project to assist those in need of dental work
in Romania.

Mustard Seed Jersey is best known locally for sending Christmas shoeboxes to Romania, but also assists 6 small charitable trusts in that country.

One of those trusts is Romanian Orphan Ministries Inc, which is dedicated to supporting Romanian orphans in the transition from institutionalised life in an orphanage to living independently. ROM provides young people with the opportunity of education, a safe home, the chance to learn the needed life skills, and possibly most important to realise they are a person of worth. One of their beneficiaries is Iolanda.

Mustard Seed Jersey was able to link Derik Mare and the team at La Retraite Jersey Dental Care with Iolanda . Through the combined efforts of Romanian Orphan Ministries and Mustard Seed, it was possible to bring Iolanda to Jersey where she received extensive essential dental treatment at the surgery thus helping restore not only her dental health but giving her a beautiful and confident smile.