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At La Retraite Jersey Dental Care we understand that taking a preventative approach to oral health helps create healthier, happier mouths with fresher, brighter smiles. Our team works with you, to solve existing problems and set in place the foundations for long-term health and maintenance, helping you smile with confidence.




Missing teeth

Tooth whitening

Crowns and bridges


Root fillings

Treatment for gum disease



Sedation for nervous patients

White fillings

We respect you as an individual. As experts in advanced restorative dentistry, we use non-invasive methods wherever possible, supported by the latest equipment in which we have invested, making La Retraite Jersey Dental Care one of the leading practices in the Channel Islands.

From your initial consultation, through to treatment and aftercare, we are here to support and care for you, and your family.

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Happy Patients

"The best Birthday present from my Mum ever. Thank you for being gentle, I love my new front teeth!
I haven't stopped smiling at everyone."

"Peter and his team have made my dental visits much less stressful for me. Their procedures and professionalism ensure I have a more relaxed attitude when I need treatment."

"Dear Derik, My thanks to you and your team for great dental care and also for your kindness to me.
I appreciate it very much!"

"I have always been afraid of the Dentist’s chair, however under the care of Peter and his team I feel so much more relaxed. Peter takes the time to explain to me exactly what he is about to do, allows me time to calm and compose myself if I become nervous during the treatment.

He always ensures my comfort by allowing the treatment to progress at my pace. Both Peter and this nursing staff are always friendly and chatty making my visits to the dentist, as a nervous patient, far more bearable."

"Just a note to thank you for your professional and caring service during my recent surgery."

"Thanks you so much for all your hard work, you really are a credit to your profession and each other.
Great Team. Thank you."

"Many thanks for doing the composite restoration so promptly. I am grateful for your care and skill over the years. Good wishes."

Check ups

Just like our general health, routine checks on our dental health are equally important. The key to keeping your mouth healthy is prevention. As well as and good oral hygiene, regular check-ups help spot potential problems, can prevent or reduce the need for more invasive dental work and are a comfortable and routine part of your oral health schedule. Regular check ups are as important for both adults and children, but we are all individuals so for some, this will be more or less frequent than others.

At a check up appointment you will receive a detailed inspection by one of our experienced and qualified dentists, as well as comprehensive advice to help you take care of your mouth in between visits. If you need any further work, you can count on our team to make treatment as comfortable as possible.

White fillings

Cosmetic tooth coloured or ‘white’ fillings offer a strong and durable option that gives you the confidence to laugh spontaneously without feeling conscious of your filings.  They create a smooth and attractive appearance which is both hardwearing and looks good too.

You can choose to have white fillings in the first place or – using the most recent clinical guidelines on safe removal - we can replace your existing metal or amalgam fillings with white, giving you a more natural looking smile.

Crowns and bridges

Crowns are designed to protect and strengthen the structure of a tooth that can’t be restored through a filling or other types of restoration.  A crown encases the entire tooth surface and restores a tooth to its original shape and size.

If you’ve got broken or fractured teeth, very large fillings or teeth that have been weekend by decay, or if you’ve had root canal treatment, a crown might be the ideal solution. Crowns are available in several different materials - from ceramic, which is very popular as they look your natural teeth, through to metal compounds and gold, which is extremely strong and hard wearing, especially for back teeth which take the ‘biting forces’ when you eat.

Treatment for a crown will take two appointments - the first which prepares the tooth for treatment, where impressions are made and a ‘temporary’ crown put in place while the crown is made. The temporary crown will be removed and the permanent one cemented in place once it has been made by the dental laboratory.

A dental bridge is used to literally ‘bridge the gap’ when you have one or more teeth missing.  Crowns are fixed either side of the ‘gap’ and a false tooth is inserted in between.  In the same way as for a crown, at your first appointment the teeth will be prepared for the bridge, impressions taken, and a temporary bridge fitted. The bridge will be matched to the colour of your teeth so that it looks as natural as possible. At the second appointment once the bridge has been made in the lab, the permanent bridge will be fixed in place.

Dentures (False teeth)

Losing any teeth at any age, for whatever reason, can be distressing and can impact on your lifestyle and affect your confidence. Gaps left by missing teeth can also affect your eating and speech; and teeth at either side of the gap might grow into the space at an angle.

Made of acrylic (plastic), nylon or metal, dentures are removable false teeth which fit over the gums to replace missing teeth and eradicate possible problems caused by gaps. They are designed to look like your natural teeth. Dentures are kept in place by being attached to a ‘supporting structure, unlike dental bridges or implants which are permanently attached to the bone, so making dentures easy to remove and to keep clean.

When looking at options for replacement of missing teeth we are here to help guide you through the every step of the process, to present you with all of the various options and to find the right solution for you.


It is never the intention to take teeth out when they can be saved or restored, but there are a number of reasons why extractions can be necessary. A crowded mouth, where we need to make room for growing teeth to properly align; a tooth that is too badly damaged from trauma or decay to be repaired, are just some of the reasons.

Where infection has been caused by tooth decay, or there is the risk of infection if mouth bacteria spreads through the ‘pulp’, or in extreme cases where periodontal gum disease has loosened teeth - extraction may also be necessary.

Before carrying out an extraction we will discuss all the options/ reasons with you.

Like all of our treatments, extractions are performed under local anaesthetic, using firstly an anaesthetic cream and then our painless injection technique which uses the very latest computer aided technology and delivers the required anaesthetic at much slower rates. This means that, whilst you may feel a small scratch, the rest is relatively pain free.

Treatment for gum disease

Gums offer a good insight into the general health and wellbeing of your mouth and your body overall, so taking care of them is essential. The best ‘treatment’ for gum disease is prevention, through daily brushing and flossing, which is essential to keep plaque in check and so reduce your risk or slow the progress of gum disease. A regular scale and polish are also effective tools to combat gum disease.

Redness and bleeding when brushing or eating are also an indicator that gums are not as healthy as they should be. If the problem is persistent, occurring regularly and without any other sign of mechanical damage, make an appointment to get things checked out.  We will also talk to you about effective cleaning techniques that keep gums healthy.

Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening involves lightening the existing colour of your teeth by several shades to give you a bright fresh looking smile which will undoubtedly boost your confidence.

The process is straightforward, but we advise only having this procedure with a qualified dentist.  If you opt for one of the readily available ‘home kits’, you don’t have either the comfort and reassurance of discussing the process and its effects beforehand, or anyone to talk with if you have any concerns after you’ve started.

We start by examining your teeth and discussing the best whitening option for you, depending on the type and stages of discolouration, as well as the various options available.

We make an impression of your teeth to make a mouth guard. We show you how to use it with the chemical agent, which you then apply regularly at home, at intervals which we discuss with you for the optimum results you are looking for. We then monitor your progress with regular visits


Where needed, general fillings help fully restore the look and function of existing teeth, helping prevent further decay and possible tooth loss. The option of cosmetic white fillings creates a smooth and attractive appearance which is both hardwearing and aesthetically pleasing.

Root fillings, where necessary, tackle more progressed decay to help restore function and prevent loss of the tooth. Extractions are performed only when absolutely necessary and thanks to our teams expertise, our advanced restorative techniques are available to help restore the look and feel of your mouth.


Achieving and maintaining good oral hygiene practices is made easy thanks to the help of our expert hygienist.  As well as full cleaning services, we give you plus a wealth of additional support, advice and products to help you keep things in good shape at home.

Our hygienist will give you, and in particular your children, advice on the safest and most effective brushing techniques.  We will guide you on choosing the right products - from the correct toothbrush to fluoride-rich toothpaste and other oral care products - and also any what you need to look out if you have a medical condition, such as diabetes.

Solutions for nervous patients

A visit to see the dentist can naturally evoke a mild sense of apprehension in many patients and we understand that for some, this can lead to a heightened sense of emotional discomfort or distress, often leading to avoidance entirely.

Such feelings may stem from a fear of needles, concerns that treatment may be painful or unnecessary or it may be that your prior experience in the dental chair was not a positive one.

Here at La Retraite Jersey Dental Care we have carefully created a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere which reduces the clinical feel and helps you feel more at home. Our team understand fully the nature of anxiety and will help support you at every step of the way.

Our experienced and caring team are here to discuss pain relief, sedation and anxiety management with you. We provide that extra support to nervous patients and are will be happy to answer your questions in detail.

Root fillings

Root fillings, where necessary, tackle more progressed decay and can become necessary when a tooth becomes inflamed or infected. Root canal treatment will help restore function and prevent loss of the tooth.

We take initial X-rays to help us to get a clear picture of the root canal and also assess the extent of any damage. Under local anaesthetic, we remove any damaged ‘pulp’ (the soft tissue in the centre of a tooth), then clean and shape the root canal(s) before filling with a special material. Once the root canal filling is in place, the tooth’s crown is restored with a large filling or crown.

Root fillings require specialist techniques and take longer than a usual filling, due to their nature, usually over two or more appointments. But they are very effective in long term restoration of an infected tooth and to prevent tooth loss.


"We offer the very highest standards in routine and cosmetic dentistry, from a simple check-up to full cosmetic makeover."

Dr Derik Mare
BChD (Pretoria)


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