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The La Retraite Jersey Dental Care team has a special interest in advanced restorative dentistry and fully understands that the loss of teeth through decay or trauma can affect the mechanical function and overall comfort as well as have a negative impact on your smile confidence.

With years of experience in the field of restorative dentistry, we know that extensive dental work can feel a little daunting but with a helping hand from our team, treatments can be managed at a comfortable pace and with minimal pain.


Bone grafting

PRGF – ENDORET technique
(Plasma Rich in Growth Factor)

Final restoration on implants
crown, bridge and denture options

Where there has been bone loss or reduction, we will begin the process of restoration here, using advanced grafting techniques to create a strong and healthy bed before final restoration work begins. Implant placement can then begin, followed by final restoration with crowns and bridges or dentures as required.

The work we undertake will help restore function, reduce discomfort and create a beautifully natural finish. The options are extensive but our team will talk you through them, helping you understand what will work in your personal circumstances.

If you are in overall good oral health, implants are usually possible. A full assessment will be made and if implants are unsuitable for you, we will help you understand the available alternatives.

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Happy Patients

"The best Birthday present from my Mum ever. Thank you for being gentle, I love my new front teeth!
I haven't stopped smiling at everyone."

"Peter and his team have made my dental visits much less stressful for me. Their procedures and professionalism ensure I have a more relaxed attitude when I need treatment."

"Dear Derik, My thanks to you and your team for great dental care and also for your kindness to me.
I appreciate it very much!"

"I have always been afraid of the Dentist’s chair, however under the care of Peter and his team I feel so much more relaxed. Peter takes the time to explain to me exactly what he is about to do, allows me time to calm and compose myself if I become nervous during the treatment.

He always ensures my comfort by allowing the treatment to progress at my pace. Both Peter and this nursing staff are always friendly and chatty making my visits to the dentist, as a nervous patient, far more bearable."

"Just a note to thank you for your professional and caring service during my recent surgery."

"Thanks you so much for all your hard work, you really are a credit to your profession and each other.
Great Team. Thank you."

"Many thanks for doing the composite restoration so promptly. I am grateful for your care and skill over the years. Good wishes."

Bone grafting

In order for there to be sufficient bone for dental implants to be put in place, a bone graft may be needed.

There can be many reasons for bone loss in the mouth, such as periodontal (gum) disease, tooth extraction, infection or injury. Replacing the missing bone, with some of your own bone, is a surgical procedure carried out by our highly experienced team.  It will provide the best ‘scaffolding’ for you before we undertake implant treatment.

We will discuss this option with you in detail, as part of your overall restoration treatment plan.

PRGF – ENDORET technique
(Plasma Rich in Growth Factor)

At La Retraite Jersey Dental Care we also offer one of the latest techniques to support implant restorations.

Using a small amount of your own blood, the PRGF – ENDORET (Plasma Rich in Growth Factor) technique separates ‘growth factors’ which greatly improves the tissue healing and regeneration process.

We will discuss this option with you in detail, as part of your overall restoration treatment plan.

Final restoration on implants crown, bridge and denture options

A dental implant is designed to replace the root of a natural tooth that has been lost. Implants are designed to function in the same way as our normal teeth - so that we can smile, take and chew as normal.

Once an implant is in place it supports the final restoration which can either be a dental crown (for individual teeth) or a bridge (for multiple teeth that are supported by a dental implant). You can also have a complete set of removable dentures fitted to an implant, if all teeth are missing.

We will discuss every option available to you, and that which suits you best, as part of tour overall restoration treatment plan.


"We offer the very highest standards in routine and cosmetic dentistry, from a simple check-up to full cosmetic makeover."

Dr Derik Mare
BChD (Pretoria)


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